The Importance of Maintaining Health and Safety in the Workplace

Those people who operate businesses must know the importance of maintaining safety and the health of their employees. Not only is it important to do so from an ethical standpoint, but the businesses have a legal obligation to do so. Organizations such as OSHA and WHO monitor the health and safety practices of other organizations. That is why businesses that are large enough should have a risk management team to handle this part of the business. There are other reasons also why the businesses should place a high emphasis on ensuring safety and health in their workplaces.

  • Every business operation that wants to keep the trust and confidence of the employees will demonstrate care by making health and safety one of the core principles of the organization. There will be regular safety meetings, and on site and off site training modules to help keep the employees abreast of the safety and health of their organization.
  • If employees and managers alike are indoctrinated in the health and safety goals of the organization, it will help reduce potential accidents in the workplace, or the spread of contagions, such as by sick employees coming to work. No employee should have to come to work because he or she fears losing the job if he or she is sick.
  • Having the right kind of health and safety policies in place will help the whole organization to be proactive instead of reactive. Hazards can be identified and job safety analyses and current best approaches can be posted for all to adhere to.
  • The potential for the organization losing money by workers’ compensation claims will also decrease, because everyone is safety and health conscious.

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